Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lupe @ PantherFest

In Milwaukee...

Also be sure to check up on Bishop G over at his BLOG :)


AP23 said...

I didn't even bother watching the videos... I was there! It was sick, Lupe was so into it, feelin' the crowd, everybody yellin' "Stack That Cheese!" right on cue.

Interesting points:
He told the us that he was fasting, and that he only had 3 bottles of water all day; and that he was only running on the energy he got from the crowd, so we were pretty amped.

LUPE = Sickest lyricist out there

One Love!

Lester said...

I was at this concert as well. Front and center!! But that truly was one of the most amazing concerts I've been to, I would put it up there with Rhymefest. Man, for someone fasting, this guy was doing his thing, turning backflips and hopping around... Man, it was amazing.