Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Gemstones Interview

Done by ME :)

"KayCee: As you said you’re signed to Lupe Fiasco’s 1st and 15th label. We all know about Lupe Fiasco the artist…what can you tell us about Lupe Fiasco the “Business Man”?

Gemstones: Lupe the Business Man, he’s an asshole. He’s an asshole but in a good way though. He’s an asshole, the business man…You remember the asshole the y said Dame (Dash) was? But it was for business, for the team so the team could win. We need that type of business person, you need that type of person with that business mentality of an asshole because when you’re an asshole you get the job done. You see what I’m saying and with Lupe and his asshole mentality he brought home a gold record. FNF is out there being heard right now. I’ve had a chance to have my voice heard you know what I’m saying and he’s kept me on top of my game with his asshole like mentality. Like when it all boils down to it, he don’t take no shit and he’s on top of his business which makes me be on top of my business and I want him to continue to do business the way he does business because it will forever keep me on top of my business and keep me ahead of all these others guys. So shouts out to Lupe for having the business mentality that he has…I love it."

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