Monday, September 22, 2008

Paris, Tokyo Remix dropping today

Straight from Myspace...

2 Remixes that is...

+ Lupe Fiasco ft.
Q-Tip, Pharrell & Sarah Green - "Paris Tokyo (Remix)"

+ Lupe Fiasco - "Paris Tokyo (Jazz Remix)"
Produced by Chris Paultre with Vocals by Chris & Denise Paultre

FNF UP!!!!!

I already heard the Jazz version and I think its hella dope...Lu being the Jazz buff that he is...excited to hear Sarah on the Remix :)


The songs are NOW UP ON LU'S MYSPACE!


Download it HERE BITCHES!

Okay so my computer shut off while i was uploading the Jazz Remix...
Click here to download the Jazz version


Gibran said...

FFRIGGING DOPE!!!!!!!! thanks FEMMES!!! you ladies are the bomb!

Ashley said...

YESSSSSSSSS!! U don't know how excited I am right now lol.

S-Preme said...

dude's verse on the remix is SO SO serious....and Sarah Green straight murdered it...the fnf crew is stacked

Anonymous said...

umm i don't why am not feelin pharrell's verse!qtip i haven't really listened to what he was sayin yet
sarah green did the track justice,she's great,i swear if it wasn't fantasia winning that american idol,it would be sarah green.Her voice is on fire.
and u kno i ain't gotta sae shit bout lupe,i was thinkin hmmm am not feelin this but its like he even freestyled it and it ends up being great!