Monday, October 27, 2008


What's up fellow LuHolics, my name's Kvn (vowels?) and I'm trying out for a position as a permanent blogster on the 'net famous Lupe Fiasco Show.

A little bit about myself:
Name: Kvn.
Stage Name: KvnTheTruth
Age: 17
Eth: Blerman (black german, a rarity)
Location: Atlanta by way of Los Angeles
Occupation: High School student/graphic designer/RAPPER/all-around artist.
I listen to all types of music from all types of artists. I'm nowhere near narrow-minded when it comes to the playlists, even if i can't understand some languages =).

Music is my passion. My dad did it before he died so I guess I got it honest, right?

So, since I get the free shameless plug post, here's the intro to my upcoming mixtape, Almost Famous. I did this track to Juelz Santana's Mic Check beat. I got the idea to use this when I was listening to Lu rip it on Fahrenheit 1/15 Part II: Revenge of the Nerds. Classic mixtape by the way, definitely the best of the series.

Here's the moment of Truth (pun intended Photobucket), it's called The Takeoff:

Of course I couldn't not post Lupe's version:

and with that, I'm Outty!!!!!

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