Thursday, October 30, 2008

CRS concept T-shirt

As I was perusin' the 'net looking for custom made t-shirts to buy since they are relatively cheaper than actual brand name stuff and at the moment I am as Luda would say "broke as a joke" my financial situation aside I came across this crazy t-shirt of the CRS members apparently this was on ebay a couple of months ago and are now all gone! :( however, for those who have access to a custom t-shirt store such as myself here in Van City a place known as "Bang-On" yea that's what it's called, anyway u can take the picture below print it out and have them custom make it on to a shirt, of course this will cost you a little more than the actual shirts were on ebay but I think they're worth the money and still cheaper than if it was a brand name tee :) check 'em out I think they're "sick, wicked, and nasty" as Chuck Swirsky (Chicago Bulls TV announcer) would say. Comments are always welcome of course and if you have more questions on how to get them made just hit me up and I'll respond as quick as possible, without further ado the prints,

Now this print below IS available on ebay (click here)

Much love and peace!


myssmodelstar said...

OooOo i love i love !

Anonymous said...

chuck swirsky is a snake!!! does he still call out salami and cheese?

O.J said...

how would i get these printed at bang on?