Monday, October 27, 2008

Hey Hey

Introducing myself right now, I go by the allias of Zu. My real name is Zuhir Hammana. I'm on trial right now, so I'll try my best. I'm 18 years old, I live in Europe ( Holland to be precise ), I like soccer ( football ),I like all kinds of sports actually and I like to write. I'm a student at the Rotterdam University, I follow IBMS ( International Business and Management Studies ).
When it comes down to music I usually just listen to Hiphop, but I'm open minded so I'm always in for sugestions. I will try to bring you people as much as I can find about Lupe Fiasco ( my favorite artist right now btw ) and I will try to make the blogs as appealing as I can. Well I guess everything that has the word Lupe in it is great news, but it's always nice to read something that's interesting rather then just a article that mentions Lupe.

That's all for now, my first real blog ( I'm not counting this one ) will be quicker then you think.

Peace out and long live Lupe Fiasco.

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