Wednesday, October 29, 2008


lupe fiasco

The newest rapping phenomenon who is currently in the "true rap" category along with folks like Kanye West, Common and Mos Def. He doesn't rap about cars, sex, hoes, money, drugs *cough50centcough* but about things that matter. Stuff like Current events. Hell, he even rapped about skating. And he rarely even swears either. He blew it up big on Kanye's Touch the Sky and is coming out with a new album "Food and Liquor," which contains the illest track "Kick Push."
Damn, hip hop needs more dudes like Lupe Fiasco.

These definitions I am reading on Urban dictionary were my thoughts when I first heard Lupe Fiasco. However, I don't see every other rapper as that far behind in the game anymore. There's a place for each kind of rap in the business. It's just how the industry tries to market Hip Hop as only one kind of stereotype that bothers me. Lupe has his style, but why can't we rock a "gat" track every now and then to release the tension of the day.

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