Sunday, October 12, 2008

*UPDATED* **VIDEOS ADDED** Loyola College Show: Quick Update

Few Thoughts and stuff on the Loyola Show yesterday...till i can fully sit down and give my run down...

Shout out KDenise! We went to the show together along with her friend Trenton and we had too much damn fun lol

First thing first SHOUT OUT TO MY LOCO CREW! They know who they are...and I appreciate the love that was shown yesterday!

Secondly, i still cant get over the fact that Lu's opening act had a damn furry animal mascot on stage that was GETTIN' IT...some sick disgusting people out there got turned on im sure...

Thrid, WHO PISSED ON THE DAMN FLOOR! Thats just triffling as hell!!

Fourth, No pictures because I was told they was hella strict on cameras (which they were towards the end) but I got some footage of some fans telling me just why they love this Fiasco guy so much?!?!

Fifth, Yes! You did hear Lu shout out the blog at the end of show (Thanks again for the free promotion lol)...I was told Bishop recited my government (which im not telling! just know my initials are K.C...hence the nickname lol) in his freestyle and i completely missed it...didn't hear it at all...if anyone recorded that I gotta hear it!

Sixth, WAS THE SHOW NOT FUCKING AMAZING!! Damn!!!!!!!!!!! Lu stepped his game up...and I couldn't be prouder...


Okay so this was longer than expected...if you attended the show and would like to see your pics posted please send them too me at

My computer is bootleg so please dont expect a quick turn around my fan is broke in my laptop and i can't stay on for longer that 15-20 mins...sometimes yeah...

Just like my lucky concert T-shirt says...



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