Monday, October 27, 2008

Lupe over Wayne?!

"He didn't seem to come through wholly unaffected, though -- the performance Lil Wayne gave the sold-out crowd still came off ragged and uneven. While Wayne goofed, however, Grammy winner Lupe Fiasco turned in a solid, energetic support performance that went somewhat unappreciated by the audience......Superstar.” Fiasco's version of that hit from his The Cool album finished with a lounge-jazz interlude, punctuated with a gymnast-perfect somersault. "

You can view the whole article here

At last! the worlds 'best rapper' against our best rapper and we win! Looks like people are starting to see that Lupe defines a musician; great studio artist, great performer and a great person.

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Anonymous said...

I agree in nashville they did not appreciate lupe. i actually heard someone say "who is this guy" I wanted to go ape on this dude for saying something like that. but it was at vanderbilt university. Rich kids that don't appreciate real hip hop. not all of em tho. lupe gave a great performance, definitely will not be my last lupe performance.