Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Vids from Loyola

"WAKE THE FUCK UP!" (perfect intro to Daydreamin' by the way...

The intro (1500 or Nothin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Freestyle (still haven't heard my damn name lol)


Scott M. said...
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Scott M. said...

I too went to the concert at Loyola. It was amazing. Heard the shout out to the blog. Being the fan that you are, I'm sure that your going to the concert at University of Maryland too on December 5th. Anyway we can get him to play "Hurt Me Soul?" I got about 20 people here in College Park that are dying to hear that song live. And what's the deal with concert t-shirts? Couldn't find any anywhere at Loyola. Hopefully that will change.