Monday, October 20, 2008

True 2 Life/Lupe @ Rutgers

Thanks to Greg for sending this over...they opened for Lu in Baltimore and recently opened for him in Rutgers... here's some info on the group...

TRUE 2 LIFE MUSIC is a musical group composed of Slangston Hughes (NY.) and the emcee/production duo Jackie Rob out of (CT & NY). We're building a name for ourselves from both a music and production/songwriting stand point. But I'll spare you the "how great we are" jargon and give you a quick glimpse of recent accomplishments...

1. Opened for national acts, T-Pain, LUPE FIASCO (at Yale University, March 2008, Rutgers University/Loyola University, October 2008), Juelz Santana, The Dream and DJ Unk.
2. Released Mixtape "Live.Love.Listen Vol.1"
3. Released Music Video "Tonight" by Slangston Hughes feat. Concise & Mike Maven (filmed at alma mater Cornell University & NYC)
4. Completed our Feature Film Debut in Fox Searchlite's Biggie Smalls Biopic "NOTORIOUS"
5. Featured in ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY...on page 8 of issue #991 May 16, 2008 Pictured in the "First Look" of Notorious in a scene with Derek Luke (playing Diddy) and Gravy(playing Biggie)
6. We are also writing and producing for major artists including Fabolous, Diddy, Gravy, Jim Jones (WE WRITE & PRODUCE ALL OF OUR MUSIC!)
7. Released single "Don't Worry" featuring the very talented Epic Records R&B artist Casely from Miami, Florida.

True 2 Life Music is great music, good times, poignant lyrics & originality...since '01!

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Wilson Guaraca said...

lupe is the man! check out my blog tell me what you think about it