Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ask Sarah!

Its time for the 1st installment of Ask Sarah...featuring FNF's 1st Lady Sarah Green! The first question comes from FNF fan EazyNeva...they asked:

"Wadup Sarah Green!!

I'm a big fan of all the FnF artists. So I was just wondering, what part of Chicago did you grow up in, what are some good or bad memories of Chicago, and how was it overall.
Thanks, EazyNeva"

Sarah Says:

"I grew up on the south side right off the lake. I love chicago what I love about it is its always some thing to do here. Only bad thing is the crime it ain't cool

much love to ya
FNF Sarah

If you would like to be like EazyNeva and have Sarah Green answer YOUR QUESTION right here on the blog...send me an email @ Please be sure to include your name and where your from (a pic of yourself if you like) and also be sure to put "Ask Sarah" in the subject line...

Thanks again to Sarah for collaborating with us over at The Lupe Fiasco Show! More from Sarah Green COMING SOON!

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sarahs's amazing