Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ask Sarah!

Another Installment of Ask Sarah! This time the question comes from Taps in Winnipeg,Manitoba.They ask...

"Hey Sarah. I'm a huge fan of FNF music. And your one of my favorites. I was just wondering if your going to release a song soon? And How are you and your family? hope everything is going good.

Peace v"

Sarah Says...

"Hey how are you. Yes I am. I will be putting a song up on my myspace page soon but I will be dropping a single in jan.

Much love
Sarah Green FNF"

There you have it ladies and gents...New Music from Ms. Green COMING SOON! If you want to participate in Ask Sarah! Then just shoot an email to and put Ask Sarah! in the subject line...please include your name and where u are from...u can even send a pic of yourself if you would like the ultimate shine lol...


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