Tuesday, November 4, 2008

KayCee's Q & A with Drea from He Say She Say...A Lupe Fiasco Show EXCLUSIVE!

Shout out to Drea! That's my girl...mainly because she shares the same love for Blondie and Debbie Harry as I do...I asked her to answer a few quick questions for the blog and she was down to do so! So take a minute to get to know Drea...

KayCee: So How did you and Mano meet?

Drea: Mano and I met at Columbia in 2004. I went to high school (in milwaukee) with a lot of people he knew from b-boy battles ( he still breaks :)

KayCee:I know you love Debbie Harry from Blondie! What is it about Debbie Harry and Blondie that inspires you so much?

Drea: Omg where do I start. I just watched the bio of Blondie on youtube last night..lol.Well Debbie Harry was (and still is) effortlessly cool . She was just thrown together and chic at the same time and her voice was like noone else's. She's a fuckin icon!!!As far as the band itself , their sound was so innovative. It was underground but accesible and way ahead of it's time...And Clem Burke ( the drummer) was sick!!!

KayCee: Who are some of your other influences besides Blondie?

Drea: Pat Benetar , Joan Jett , Chrissie Hynde ,Portishead, Talking Heads,Depeche Mode , Iggy Pop,Karen O (of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) Siouxsie Sioux, and Fiona Apple (that woman's writing skills are impecable)

KayCee: How did you meet Lu and what has the experience been like so far being signed to his FNF label?

Drea: I met Lu like 3 years ago through Mano. He and Mano went to high school together.It was right before Kick,Push was released as a single.Being signed to his label is dope. He really believes in Me and Mano as artists and he's extremely open minded.

KayCee: How would you describe your music?

Drea: Hmm...thats a toughie... well its everything we love about music!! But if you're asking what genre of music it is ..... i think He Say,She Say is pop music for the intellectual...like what good pop music used to be. Before the same producers produced the only 5 songs that play on the radio every hour.....you know?

KayCee: What makes He Say She Say different from similar artist coming out of Chicago? (Hollywood Holt, Cool Kids, etc)

Drea:Well we dont do hip hop music .We are all friends, but what me and mano are doing isnt really hip hop or r and b influenced. But we all are black kids doing something thats not expected of us.

KayCee: Any upcoming projects?

Drea: We are finishing the album up as we speak.

KayCee: What are some of your dream collabs

Drea: I would love to do something with Kenna he's awesome . But more than anything Debbie Harry (no surprise there) and Karen O. And Iggy Pop..... i love that guy

KayCee: Last but certainly not least...probably the most important question of them all...HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU GET ASKED..." Is your group named after the Lupe Fiasco song He Say She Say?" I GOTTA KNOW DREA! LOL

Drea: Duuude ...so many people ask us that... and we arent named after the song.... I hate to admit it but i hadnt even hear all of food and liquor when we came up with the name of our group , so i'd never heard that song till after the fact. We just thought it would be a cool name because we are a guy and a girl and we share equal parts in making the music. Mano produces alll of the tracks and I write the lyrics and arrange the vocals. Its like we both are talking to the listener in our own way.

Get ya shout outs! :)

Drea: I want to give a shout out to my fam Mano , Hollywood Holt,Mic Terror and all the little boos at Leaders.Also to the whole FNF Fam....Oh and Vic Lloyd.Fashion King for life!!!!!!

FNF UP!!!!


Sparks said...

I'm feeling He Say She Say, can't wait to hear a whole album from them. Mano is beast on the beats and I like how isn't afraid to say whatever in the song. They kinda remind me of J*DaVeY, just a lil' more amped up.

S-Preme said...

dope interview! Kaycee on her gizame.