Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lupe Fiasco and his importance to Hip-Hop

Pretty ill discussion going on over on's a couple of the comments...

"Lupe is like the coolest nerd ever... in a very good way.. let me explain before I get bashed ...who would have ever thought your favorite rapper would be wearing glasses with normal clothes & not nice ice or stuff like that ... Lupe is an un-ordinary rapper, Lu is in my top 5 rappers of all time because he just does him ... thats' what makes him Lupe Fiasco"


" was Blackbeard till i brought the Roc into ur ships "

Blackbeard was a famous English Pirate. He crashes into rocks, where as lu means he brought the "Roc" as in Jay Z. had to post this again

just found the meaning to that line on youtube ... lupe is so clever"


The problem is.. to me, Lupe makes or breaks these tracks (usually/always it's makes)... the production just isn't special. Of course he needs beats that don't overprower his lyricism, but if he would work with the best producers in the game, the beats don't have to overpower him, just add an additional treat to his lyricism... He hasn't really ever tried to get more famous production (Ok, Kanye West & Neptunes each gave him a beat, but I think they've got more in store than just these two beats...), and I'd like him to just try it... Dr. Dre/Premier/insertotherlegendhere, why not?"


"a few lyrical songs doesn't make you one of the greatest emcees of all time, it's more than just lyrics (cuz trust me if it was I'd be in the top 10 lol). I'm not saying Lupe isn't a talented artist, but come 10? You can't base it off of lyrics, cuz so many people have had lyrical songs in their careers. "


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Timothy said... regards to what Dutchfool said.... i think that the producers that Lupe chooses to use are what makes his music dope. You don't need a big name to make a tight beat. And lupe is good friends with most of the producers he chooses so it makes the beats even more personal.

When it comes to being top ten....lupe is number one as a RAPPER in my list. and Kanye is number one as an ARTIST especially with 808s....i love that album. Many people knock that album, but i think its creative and each song seems really personal

Anonymous said...

Lu and Dilla!

Gibran said...

what i wanna know is "Grandmarshall" if its not about lyricism....than what is it really about... im sorry but that makes no sense to me..

telli24 said...

Ok...lupe even said this himself. He don't worry bout usin big tim producers cuz his main focus is puttin on his whole FnF label. He has 2 main producers who produce 85 percent of his shit besides P and yeezy. U said urself, lupe does lupe so why does he need to have a big producer on his album when he could care less how well his album does. He makes good music for the sake of hip hop and his fans..