Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lupe Fiasco Announces plans to LEAVE Atlantic Records???

Im not sure if this is OFFICIAL or not but here's what one site is reporting...

"Lupe Fiasco,who is what I feel, the most unappreciated artist of his time, has announced that he will be leaving his home at Atlantic Records. There no word on whether or not Atlantic's obviously outdated marketing team was the cause, or a lack of money. We all know that the music industry is in the shitter, so there's a big chance it could have been a budget cut. You know commercial music is always a priority, to real Rythm And Poetry. But he will release a final album in 2009."


It actually kinda makes sense...since LUPEND is his last album...and Atlantic has sucked over the years as far as the push behind Fiasco goes...so im not gonna say this is confirmed...cuz i didn't see this posted on no other site but this one...until Lu REALLY comes out and announces it...then ill say its confirmed :)


Sgt. Tibs said...

good reporting KayCee, just puttin' it out there but ur right, it's not confirmed just yet until Lu or someone official confirms it. Very interesting tho.

Anonymous said...

thanks tibs!

/\ntoine said...

Lu shoulda joined GOOD Music or rocafella back then.

One of the reasons Lu isnt a megastar is that he joined a shitty ass label. Good riddance to Atlantic!

Can`t wait for LUPEnd.

K. Denise said...

Atlantic w/ your own label or the Roc/other big label and possibly be shelved or doomed to be one of the 'next up' artist who never actually get up?

I would have picked Atlantic too.