Monday, December 22, 2008

Lupe Fiasco DOES NOT I repeat...DOES NOT have TWITTER PEOPLE!

Stop looking...the Wasalu Jaco one was CLEARLY a fake...why would his real name be his twitter link? If he does get twitter...expect him *coughbusy* to make a blog or something about it...though i seriously doubt twitter is in Lupe's future...I would love for Lu to have on it CONSTANTLY lol those that follow me know im forever twitting about lu too...but yeah either way STOP SEARCHING PEOPLE! HE AIN'T UP THERE :) Stans i know ur feelings are hurt because u would like to know what he's doing every second of his days...but get over it lol Just read this wonderful blog to get your Lupe Fix :)


They call me "Opti" said...

:-P Thanks for the high amounts of embarassment.

Anonymous said...


lol im just tired of people asking me lol

Rhymestyle said...

LOL I Called it!! hahahahha, I noticed that the fake lupe was sending "from the web" and I thought... why would he have a twitter and send from the web, theres the first mistake... anyways that page got deleted

Fail of the Day? I think so ^_^

MaxHaben said...
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