Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lupe...a plea from your fans in New Zealand...

An email that was received from a fan and reader out in New Zealand...

Subject: NZ SHOWS!!! HELP PLZ!!

Hi there!

Great job on the blog!! Can you please please please post a petition on your blog to get people to vote for Lupe Fiasco to play a side shown in AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND after playing his BIG DAY OUT 2009 gig. He is doing side shows in AUSTRALIA after the Big day out and his fans in NEW ZEALAND would love to see him in an extended concert after the big day out!!.....So I was thinking maybe a post on your blog MIGHT make this happen??, after all you guys did get a shout out on the album!!! lol.


Big fan!!

Im not sure if this blog post is gonna sway anyone's decision...but atleast he will know that he is heavily demanded in NZ...Shout out to our NZ Femme Safia! New Zealand STAND UP!

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