Saturday, December 27, 2008

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Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

If you didn't know...this footage is from is the Refresh your Flow show in Chicago :) and FTR I love I Gotcha Live lol


Joseph Edwards said...

...his live shows are off the hook.
Saw him in Bmore last year w/ his band. He was two hours late (had to stomach some horrible pre-acts). But in spite of this, I was happy that night. He did a 3 hour set w/ the band (1500 or nothing?). Twas quite impressive.

-Joe E.

Anonymous said...


i think i was at that show?? maybe...ive been to alot of Bmore shows lol

Joseph Edwards said...

lol, at sonar? w/ the opening group that kept saying to the audience..."how do we sound?" and they wanted us to say..."like sh*t"

...which of course, they did...
the self depreciation was funny, though

Anonymous said...


lmao! yeah i was def there...front row and center lol

Anonymous said...

it might be a little hypocritical for lupe to perform and then be paid by cocacola... i mean "give em' cocacola for their property"

TheVoice said...

this is his last leg yall lets give him a proper going away party...:(...go to youtube and look up operation keep lupe in..