Friday, December 5, 2008


Lupe Fiasco - Hustlers & Customers

from FSD

meh....i dont really like all the old lupe tracks that come you guys???

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Anonymous said...

this shit dope

S-Preme said...

me no like the old ones...a, cuz cuz was straight trippin and b cuz if he wanted em out they'd have been out and c cuz cuz was ONLY deeso

Ghett0 said...

I like them because he used to try and be a gangsta rapper, and he raps better than any other gangsta rapper out

Anonymous said...

Man I don't like this one I liked the Birds and the Bees and It's Gangsta... this I'm not taken by... Lu you don't have enough tracks to hold us over till 09 come on dude!!! push the first album up or do some major features or sumthin PLEASE!!!