Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The RapReviews Readers Awards 2008 chooses "Hip Hop Saved My Life" as Single of the Year

He also made the Top Artist of 2008 list :)

1) Lupe Fiasco - "Hip Hop Saved My Life"

"A deserved choice, a wonderful ode to the genre that we all love so much. The beat is simple and melodic, helping Lupe to drop a narrative dedicated to Slim Thug about the rise of a rapper. If any song has ever described the aspirations of a hungry MC as well as this, I have yet to hear it"

Click here to see the entire list

Glad to see a track other than "Superstar" get some love...Lu also took him Artist of the Year over at the Yo! Raps Awards...as if thats a surprise to anyone lol

Can't wait to see him steal the Grammy's :)

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