Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Superstar is Yo! Raps Song of the Year!

Lu is gonna win all these shyts so we might as well say that he's winning everything he was nominated for...FNF ARMY FOREVER REIGNS!

1st Place: Lupe Fiasco - Superstar 35.30%
2nd Place: T.I. & Jay Z ft. Kanye West & Lil Wayne - Swagga Like Us 27.01%
3rd Place: Lil Wayne - A Milli 12.27%


Anonymous said...

I still think that hip hop saved my life and paris tokyo were the wrong tracks to put out to promote the CD, at least initially.

I would have liked to see Hi-Definition be put out with a strong snoop performance in the video. I think this would have brought Lupe some more attention and then, hit them with the real stuff like the The Coolest....

Anonymous said...

oops... that was in regards to everyone hyping Superstar as the only legacy of Lupe... I like the song but its way too overplayed, and shouldn't be the defining song in Lupe's career.

damn that swagger like us... got too much swagger!

Anonymous said...


even The Game bumps this song

Anonymous said...

He is only winning these things because you stuffed the ballot box with biased voters. screw you kaycee.

dkny2kx said...

The first two anonymous are mine... the latter arn't