Monday, January 12, 2009

Sandra Rose's thoughts on Nikki Jean

"The good news is: Sony/BMG has just signed a promising new singer/songwriter. The bad news is: she fits the standard cookie cutter image established by the other females of color already on Sony’s roster — including Leona Lewis, Jordin Sparks, Alicia Keys, and the standard bearer, Beyonce."

To hear the rest of the blatant hate...CLICK HERE



ThekiD said...

Such pure hate. Still loves my Nikki!!!

ThekiD said...

To hellz to all those comments on that page tooo....hatin too hard yo

Young Son said...

How lame is that? You know what? I think Sandra was one of those dark skinned chicks at the beginning of the movie "Lean on Me" that were hating and ripped off the light skinned girls shirt. Sounds like pure racism to me. Let people do what they do. Nikki sings in her own style and has her own background. There is no cliche way for a black person or any other culture at that, to act. We are in America and are free to do and act how we want. Her racist nature is what's wrong with our world today...yet she calls it "trying to keep it positive" by beating around the bush and not being blatant . I see right through that crap.

Anonymous said...

"On a positive note, what Nikki lacks in melanin and soul, she more than makes up for with her bubbly personality"

What the hell does skin color have to do with it??? She's probably some dark skinned hater. What a loser. Nikki Jean is awesome.

YoHomeGirl17 said...

I need dark skinned and light skinned people to co-exist and deal. If you don't like Nikki's music, don't listen to it. I digs Nikki Jean a lot! She might not have a big ballad voice but she's got style and plenty of soul. Sandra Rose needs to learn to appreciate herself and maybe then she'll appreciate others, no matter what the tone of their skin is.

BDot: The Inspirmentalist said...

standard cookie cutter imagine of women of color?

that's a racial term. the bitch who wrote that should lose her job. NIKKI JEAN, DO YOUR THING AND DON'T LET CRITICS STOP YOU!