Monday, January 12, 2009

Shout out to Edwin Decena!

Edwin Decena is THE MAN...seriously...he is the man behind this video...

and others but that one being the most important of course lol

Edwin invited me up to DC where he was shooting the video for Tabi Bonney's song "Rich Girls" and I must say...the man is great at what he does lol not only was he great but he was cool as hell...hence the reason he deserves this post on the blog lol here's some pics of Edwin "in action" lol

Thank again for everything Edwin!!! For more info on Edwin be sure to visit his website a full list of all the videos he has done is up there...also for those who want to get a music video done, his contact info is up there as well...tell him KayCee sent ya!!!

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Anonymous said...

Dayumnnn Kaycee! You looking kinda nice on this one. Filling out them jeans real nice!