Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fan Reviews: Lupe Breathes Hip-Hop

The energy Lupe and Bishop G (his hypeman) brought was on a different level. Period. For some artists, going through the motions is all it takes to sell out a show. But when it comes to Lupe Fiasco, you often fear he’s going to collapse on stage from exhaustion, and no it never gets sloppy… this man breathes hip-hop. Aside from a microphone breakdown during the second song, everything was seamless and incredibly intense. Even the show’s opener, Asher Roth, every US college’s current poster boy, did exceptionally well. Despite a failed attempt to burn a University of Michigan shirt on stage, his performance was crisp and on point.

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Bonus-Why Lupe Fiasco Is Amazing: A Review from Lupe's performance at ECU last year

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Le GemDior said...

lupe chucked the mic at the guy in the front row.. lol
i feel bad for the guy 'cause lupe probably threw that mic 86 mph haha