Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fan Reviews: Lupe Fiasco @ TCNJ

Thanks to Mike for sending in your review!!

I saw lupe Fiasco at tcnj last night. His show was one of the best hours of my life. I'm a huge Lupe fan and seeing him bring his concept accross in person was nothing short of amazing. He sounded good and was entertaining for his fans and also to those who don't really know him very well. I was a little upset when he asked people to raise their hands if they don't like him and some people actually did, I thought that was a bit ignorant but I understood that their were a lot of people there to see Ludacris and not Lupe. I found it interesting to see how different the two artists are. Lupe had his gold chain and rolex president on( i was in the second row middle), but ludacris had about 2 million dollars in jewelery on which i thought was a bit much for a college performance. Lupe didn't brag on stage and you could tell he knew who his crowd was. Ludacris spent most of the night talking about himself and ran off stage before finishing his last song. Even his dj thought he was coming back. When this happened the students were chanting to bring Lupe back which put a smile on my face. Almost as much as his peace and much love to ya exit! I can't wait to see a show that is strictly Lupe. I could watch him perform forever. Maybe even some mixtape songs would be nice to see live. I took some images with my iphone since cameras weren't allowed and its too risky to bring expensive stuff around crazy fans anyway.

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Darren said...

Great show yesterday until Ludacris came onstage. Lupe absolutely blew Luda out of the water. People who respect good music and a good performance can recognize that; people who can't thought Luda was better.

aBathingPat said...

I drove to TCNJ for 2 hours from new york to find that tickets were sold out and the line was 200 deep anyway. It sucked because I had 3 people with me that I dissapointed. I expected not such a stroung crowd. Anyways while I was leaving I saw Bishop G and one of the guys from 1500s get out of a Toyota lol. I was the only one who recognized them and took 5 minutes to complain about not getting in (hoping they would sympathize). During that 5 minutes Bishop G said "we don't fuck with Ludacris" lmao. He saw I had the black glow in the dark Lupe hoody and OG fall of rome shirt on so gave me my props 8-). Sucks we had no chance getting in after I had my heart on it for a month. April 24 at St. Johns mannnnnnn its my birthday but I plan to be online for 5 hours to get that front row!!!!!