Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lupe Birthday Fan Signs

don't forget to send in your signs wishing Lu a happy birthday! his birthday is the 16th (for those that may not know) so send your signs to so we can get the slideshow featuring all the signs asap :) try to have them in to me by the 14th :)



i wonder wonder wonder said...

ive sent in mine=) hope you received it.looking forward to the slideshow=)))

natasha m. said...

same day as my sister's...ill b sure 2

livelovelupe said...

his birthday is on the 17th.
not the 16th.

KayCee said...


When Lupe,his family and evryone are celebrating his birthday on the 16th, you can have the pleasure of celebrating it by yourself on the 17th!

Nerdful Things said...

Use for next year's brithday fan signs.