Friday, February 27, 2009

Lupe Fiasco LIVE @ The College of New Jersey TONIGHT!

The Lupe Fiasco Show is coming to TCNJ! Those that are attending the show tonight...have fun! take lots of pics! and of course..send your pictures, reviews, encounters to and we will get you up on the blog :)

Fresh, New, and EXCITING things are coming up for the Lupe Fiasco Show so if you are a reader of the blog STAY TUNED!


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aBathingPat said...

I drove to TCNJ for 2 hours from new york to find that tickets were sold out and the line was 200 deep anyway. It sucked because I had 3 people with me that I dissapointed. I expected not such a strong crowd. Anyways while I was leaving I saw Bishop G and one of the guys from 1500s get out of a Toyota lol. I was the only one who recognized them and took 5 minutes to complain about not getting in (hoping they would sympathize). During that 5 minutes Bishop G said "we don't fuck with Ludacris" lmao. He saw I had the black glow in the dark Lupe hoody and OG fall of rome shirt on so gave me my props 8-). Sucks we had no chance getting in after I had my heart on it for a month. April 24 at St. Johns mannnnnnn its my birthday but I plan to be online for 5 hours to get that front row!!!!!