Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lupe @ Michigan State University

So who's gonna be in East Lansing for the show?

I Wont & as usual I have a unfortunate story to tell...
My birthday is Friday and all I wanted was to go to this show. And of course not one person wants to go with me. All my friends just want me to go to the club...
I dont wanna go downtown and see the same people I can see every weekend.
The club or a Lupe Fiasco concert?

I would definately go SOLO but I dont have a vehicle so Im just shit out of luck.

If you will be at the show, make sure you send your videos, reviews, and pictures to
and make sure you have HELLA fun for me too.

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::Direkt Effect:: said...

when is lupe gonna be in the Los Angeles, CA area. i lived in TN and he's never really in that area. i went to the Vanderbilt show when he was there but i wanna see him do more than 7 songs. i want a full set.