Monday, February 2, 2009

Shout out to Jana!!!

Jana is the Manager over at the Lupe Fiasco restaurant in Czech Republic and she (i hope its a she lol) sent me this email in response to one that I sent them regarding the restaurant :)

Hi Keena,
first I need to be sorry for my imperfect english, i appreciate your interest about our restaurant. That´s the history about the name Lupe Fiasco - we were going to open a brand new restaurant in a (as we hope) design style for young people which like to have something good to drink, interesting food and great music in one place and all that for not too much money. Everything was almost ready, the only problem was the name, we tried to find something with sound, something everybody can remember. The boss found out the name Lupe Fiasco by internet, she can´t speak english at all, so, first we even didn´t know that it is a name of somebody famous, because in czech republic are all new songs and moovies with litlle delay. Later we found out that it is name of him, than we found the music and we really like it, we completely change the style of the restaurant, we have got his pictures on the wall, we´re playng rn´b and hip hop, of course we prefer his music to play, but you can´t listen whole the time the same. We have not any special Lupe Fiasco dish, but maybe you can help me about it, do you know what does he like to eat? We have in our special summer offer Lupe Fiasco drink, if you or your friends ever come to our restaurant you can try - it´s really nice. Sudenlly he never visited our restaurant, i don´t even think he know we exist, but if he do, itÅ› gonna be pleasure for us.I have not any pictur now, but if you keep interested i can make some for you..

Manager of
Restaurant - LUPE FIASCO

How dope is that! I'm gonna see about getting Lu that dish Lu...HOLLA AT ME :)

More pictures to come :)


K-G said...

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im sure yall kno how it goes in the music business and im just tryna get heard...

thank u

Tao said...

This is dope as hell! lol

I would also like to know what Lupe would choose as his signature dish... i remember seeing some vid about him goin to a halal fast food place