Thursday, March 12, 2009

The E.N.D of

As it says on Lupe's Myspace...all things must come to an END. Sadly, that time has come where us Femmes have decided to put to rest...

Ever since Megan has started this blog it has been a family affair...and I truly love all of my Femmes LIKE SISTERS and have enjoyed being a part of this blog. From shows, to interviews, to The Cool...everyone has shown us sooooo much love (and hate/jealousy from a few)and it has ALL be GREATLY APPRECIATED! Never did we think that this blog would be able to go as far as it has done so far...and we like to think that we have set a high standard for other fan blogs to come :)

With all that said...this will be the very LAST POST ON LUPETHEFIASCO.BLOGSPOT.COM! Thanks to all the readers that have stuck with us this will be happy to know that...



Anonymous said...

lol i was scared for a sec. don`t do that!

Vince said...

new site....hell yea

LoveBeautyHumility said...

Ditto with the comments above me!
The new site looks wonderful FEMMES keep up the good work! =]

L.F.I.(Imaghostwriter2) said...


Sam Sam said...

don't do that again!!! Lol Congrats ladies

Turbo said...

i deleted my post out of respect for the site.
good site yall.

Le GemDior said...

omg Kaycee you scared the crap out of me at first until i went to the site lol!

Anonymous said...


aw... [clicks other link]

IsAaC said...

Thanks For The Opportunity to contribute to the #1 Lupe Fiasco blog....Appreciate it and wish yall the best with the new site....looks really dope...

thank u muah and the rest of the femmes..

vicioussss. said...

I'm co-signing all these other comments, lol.

Jhood21 said...

My heart was on the floor for atleast 10 seconds

brandUn DeShay said...

im ALREADY on the new site. keep it comin.

Anonymous said...

yo fresh blog follow mine
and tell a friend lol

PJ said...

Jevon said...

Lupe Is my Fav :D, Come check out my blog if your into Fashion and all that good stuff, Im sure everyone will like it

Matt: b.k.a..™ said...

yeah.. Lupe!

Anonymous said...

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