Monday, March 9, 2009

Hey Champ Interveiw w/ Ruby Hornet

"RubyHornet: You signed to 1st and 15th, which is run by Lupe Fiasco, and at the time of your signing was primarily a Hip Hop label. Why did you decide to sign with them, and were there any musical "language barriers" so to speak in terms of the approach you wanted to take and how they were used to doing things?

Hey Champ!: Lupe is an artist first and foremost. He liked what we were doing and gave us freedom and leeway to record our album the way we wanted. We have a great working relationship with him. It was really a no-
brainer, he's a superstar who wanted to endorse us."

Much Love to the wonderful guys of Hey Champ! Click here to read the full interview