Sunday, March 25, 2007

Lupe's #1 Fan of the Moment...kennykenken

from Japan
(can I come visit???)
Age: 16


Hip Hop Nerd

When did you first fall in love with Lupe Fiasco?

"I'm not in love with Lupe...! "
(I rephrased the question to a more no homo standpoint for the

When did you first become a FAN of Lupe Fiasco? (better???)

"Anyways when I borrowed the F&L album from my friend, I thought his flow and wordplay was just fasacinating! I really became fan of him when I researched and found out that he is a nerd and not like a gangster dude who just think about cars and money. And he likes Japanese culture! I'm a Japanese so I know what he's saying when he rhymes about anything Japanese so .... you know....that's why I became fan! "

If you could steal one thing from Lupe Fiasco, what would it be and why?

"Well I would like to steal many things from him....hmmm...I would go with his swagger in his style(I think you call it that) know...his style! Yeah I his style! "

Thanx kennykenken, you were the 1st person to respond, I appreciate you reading the blog, YOU'RE OFFICIALLY MY FAVORITE BLOG READER...You should be receiving your award in the mail really...but give yourself a pat on the back and imagine that it was me doing!!!!!

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