Sunday, March 18, 2007

New Edition to the Blog: Lu Groupie Encounters

My Official Disclaimer for this New Section:

I use the word GROUPIE, not as a derogatory term, but as a general term for somebody who becomes excited when they encounter a celebrity. NO DISRESPECT to anybodies story that may appear in the Lu Groupie Encounter section. I myself have Groupie moments, very often in fact, so you know, I can relate. I'm actually gonna include MY VERY OWN LU GROUPIE ENCOUNTER in this section, so from one groupie to another, we have to stick together and maintain the balance between celebrities and the people who love gawking at them.


Go ahead and stare, I WON'T TELL!!!!! (Sorry Fellas, kinda a girl moment)

Okay, so here's the very first LU GROUPIE ENCOUNTER...

so i was @ work, the other day
...i work @ the apple store
and it's been crazy busy
so i'm ringing
and u know @ a certain point
all the faces become a blur
u just wanna get
the line i look
up, and i see fuckin Lupe Fiasco
("girl, there go Lupe Fiasco" i frantically whisper to
Kenyetta, next to me, and she's obviously
and he's lookin @ me, standing to my right,
askin me where the bathroom is
"how u doin?" i ask
he nods "how u doin"
"good. through that door and to your right"
maybe he nodded or said thanx,
i don't remember
so me and kenyetta realize that he's there w/ his mama
awww, we thought that was cute and humble of him...
so finally he comes out of the bathroom, right after one of the
customers go, "Lupe Fiasco is takin a shit in your bathroom!"(disclaimer: they hadn't actaully seen or heard him shittin, they were just speaking figuratively)
....and we look up again and he's in line,
me and kenyetta look @ each other...who's line is he gonna end up in....
not mine, i secretly hope, i mean, i'm a charmer (the boys love me :] ) but i was worried about sayin' somethin silly....
he ends up in kenyetta's line...
and i'm like staring, and he feels me lookin, and he glances up
every now and then, w/ a little smile...
as he's leaving, he nods, "goodnight"
"bye. goodnight" i say......his mother smiles

thatgirlsexxy1985 from MYSPACE

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Anonymous said...

lol at the elevator story...lupe didn't say hi or anything when he got on the elevator?