Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lupe's #1 Fan of the Moment...Radhiya

Radhiya's Myspace

1) I first HEARD of Lupe when I was on the Atlantic Street Street Team website....I'm not sure what i was doing on there (prolly some Pretty Ricky mess shhh! u aint hear that from me) but i was...they had the little music player at the top of the page playing Kick, Push...the beat sucked me in..and the fact that he was talking bout something different blew me away....It was instant Ear Candy if i must say so myself....(smiles)....After that experience I totally forgot about him....He found me again later that summer (You likes how i said he found me haha..whatever) via the internet again... go figure...and I heard more of his music...I think Muhammad Walks was the song that did it for me...being a Muslim myself, sheesh I was flattered AND WE'VE BEEN TOGETHER EVER SINCE :) LOL

2) If I could steal one thing from Lupe it would be his heart...just as he stole mines (smiles) You know i had to do it, I had to go there lol....but seriously.....I wouldn't mind raiding his sneaker collection though...but i wouldn't steal anything...Just experiment a lil...i promise...I dont steal FNF UP ERRRRRDAY! NEVER DOWN! UP, UP, UP, UP WEEEEE GOOOO!

Yeah I think I would like to dibble and dabble in his sneaker collection as well...but mainly so I could go around to everyone screaming like a maniac "CHECK MY FOOTWORK, CHECK MY FOOTWORK, YOU AIN'T GOT THESE, YOU AIN'T GOT THESE!!!" LOL...That would be extremely FUN!!! But thanx for participating, I LOVE YOU FOR THAT!!!! And Yes, FNF UP, NEVER DOWN, DEFYING THE LAWS OF GRAVITY EACH AND EVERY DAY!!! MUAH!!!

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