Sunday, June 3, 2007

Bishop G...Learn Em Something

I found this on some website, and its a blog entry (I'm guessing) that Bishop G wrote concerning bloodsucking leaches and opportunists who love to latch on to someone when they see how much someone can potentially do and offer to them.

Now i know everybody wants too shine...To get on ...Be in the game..Blah blah fuckin blah...............But then what??????

1.What yo weak sensitive ass gone do with the attention?
2. What are you talkin about?
3. Are you able to shine???

See thats the problem...Niggaz think they can be taught how to shine...Or they can watch and mimic things and have the glow...The shine...It doesnt work like that!!!! God gives certain people the ability to shine out amongst the abundance of dullness in the world. Thats why this giant ass earth only has 1 sun. No need for two. The moon is also a seperate entity that shines...But at a different time.

I know im going to witness alot more of this in the days weeks and months to come...But people are getting antsy to make a move right now. I guess its this whole lupe fiasco new thing and all...But my advice to the ones who know who im talkin too...Is to be easy... Play your position...Have good intentions and be honest with your self!!! Ask yourself...What do i really want????? What do i fuckin expect????? And have i really grinded and worked towards what i think I’m owed from this nigga...Who i really dont even know.

I’m sure those who are close to people in a position of power can sense the change in tone and gesture of others around...And this dillemma has existed since the beggining of time...Hence kane and abel...But the results have always been unbalanced and in favor of 1 side or another...And relationships have been totally altered.

In the words of an old crip...Ive never met or heard before..”Fall back lil loc’s...Play yo fucking position and put that work in...Be who you feel you are, and enjoy those around you who do shine..Before you end up blinded and in a dark pine box in darkness for-ever.


by Bishop G

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