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Gemini's Untamed Beast Mixtape

(by the way, my vacay has started off disasterous)
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IMMA HOLLA...Gemini UP!!!! FNF UP!!!!!


I'm headed on vacation in about 4 hours from now...(its 2:00 am) and I'm tryin to think of something clever to say to you all before I leave you for ONE WHOLE WEEK...Yeah I know...What will I do without you guys???
Lets see...frolick on the beach, lay out in the sun, PARTY PARTY PARTY, frolick some more, scope out some breezeys...
But really, Its gonna be crazy being away for an ENTIRE WEEK. Have you ever lived without internet for an ENTIRE WEEK, I need a Treo in my life. But Even though I am taking my laptop with me, but there are no guarantees if I will be able to get on and do updates. And I'm sure I will miss everything because I always do whenever I step away even for a second. I would not be surprised if Lupe decided to prematurely release his album while Im gone. Thats the luck I have.

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This was just funny

Written by THC Thoughts Blog

I used to say I didn't like Lupe Fiasco, not cuz I didn't think he could rhyme, not cuz I didn't think he had something interesting to say. NO, I honestly didn't like Lupe cuz I thought he looked like someone I could beat up. I mean, I'm sorry, forgive me if I think a rapper should be cool, I mean, not necessarily hard, though, you shouldn't be a bitch! But that nigga looks like a nerd, and a little wimpy nerd, at that! But first I find out he's some kind of 4th degree blackbelt! Though I gotta admit, I still think I could take that nigga if I can get in close. But now I find out that nigga is moving weight. That nigga is the only rapper who sells drugs but doesn't rap about it. I gotta
respect that! So I say for the whole world to know, I, Weed Jesus of Azzereth, don't think I can beat up Lupe Fiasco anymore! There I said it!

Monday, June 25, 2007

What do you do when you fall?


And thats exactly what Mr. Lupe Fiasco did when he had a mishap at the "Taking it Back to the Streets" show in Chicago on yesterday. Many people have reported that Lupe was doing a song, running around on stage (his usual) and out of nowhere, he fell off the stage.

UPDATE: After watching the Youtube clip (Yeah you had to know it was coming) Lupe was well into the 2nd verse "He Say She Say" when he just fell off the stage, out of nowhere. Like if you blinked or looked away for one second you would have missed it. I read accounts that said he fell head first into the crowd, and when I think of head first I think of like nosediving into a crowd. But this fall looked more like he went to the edge of the stage and just lost his balance and fell to the side. But Hey I wasn't there...RHOyal Fiasco WHERE YOU AT??? We need a firsthand account from you at show #1,000,000. LOL

But What do you do when you fall? YOU GET BACK UP...And like a G, Lu finished his set, head busted and all... NOW THATS LOVE...(Cause my ass definitely would have said EFF It and went home and tried to ward off the killa headache that I know would be coming soon)

Read this first hand account from OriJanelGangsta (hope you don't mind)

I'd eat your halal bacon strips, Lupe. I would.

So I am home from my 9th or 10th show featuring Lupe Fiasco and I think I am ready to admit that I have a problem. People get excited at concerts, but I think I might be a borderline fanatic. I haven't rushed any stages or anything, and don't really see it happening, but I just get too hyped when Lupe comes out, every time, without fail. Lupe is the new crack.I'm gunna read the Qur'an now, but I wanna Sparknote it first. I have yet to make it thru the Bible, or even Sparknotes on the Bible. But this Qur'an book is nice and small and unintimidating. Maybe they left some stuff out, but it's about the size of a regular novel. Also, the cover is very pretty.

Back to Lupe, the poor kid, he fell off the stage. Someone said he passed out, but no, I saw that mug get excited and he just miscalculated where the end of the stage was. It was kinda funny afterwards, but then it was scary. Just to make it worse, he was singing when he fell too, just "I want you to be a father, he's your lil...*disappears silently from stage as music continues*" This girl left out behind him who was also bleeding, they say he fell on her. LOL! I think I wouldn't be too upset if Lupe fell on me. I would've been happy to break his fall, I mean it was only from about 4 feet up. Just think, had he taken about 4 steps to his left, he could've fallen on top of me. (By the way, I no longer have any doubts about my ability to get to the front of a crowd. I'm so cocky in fact, that I might even go to Lollapalooza and attempt to see the stage.) The kid seemed more embarrassed than hurt, because he definitely wiped the blood off his head, climbed back onstage, said "whatever", cuz it wasn't the first time he fell off a stage, and went straight into "Kick, Push". Now that's a baaad mutha shut yo mouth.AND! After listening to Pressure a few more times, I retract any and everything bad that I ever said about Food and Liquor, and I offer my sincerest apologies to those who heard me speak said blasphemy.Edit: Wait, I'm a rug. He still could've kept Kick, Push II...and Kick, Push, I never really dug that either. I appreciate that the topic is unique, but I'm not really interested, thanks.


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fried Chicken Kings

Thanx Mr. Fashion Guru (Isaac) for the Pic...

Friday, June 22, 2007

View More Pics

Another Edition of VIEW MORE PICS which features some of the funnier, crazier, stalkerish comments that people make on Lupe's Myspace pics...

looks like someone edged u wit their fingernail

yo shit is too small size panty hole tigt like on 400lbs chick! it'll be nice if you can hook up with talib,krs,kool.g rap,de la soul all on one track,man keep blessin us with your gift!


my dawg lupe fiacso
(written like 5000 times by the same person)

u like luvin it(mcdonalds bdababada)

Your maintaining your sexy...I likes!!!

you a sexy motherfuckerr

Eeww, I don't like this one. Please change it as a default.But I still love you
(This pic is cute, u r crazy)

You look lke a young Dr.dre on this pic s0n...
you cant get any more dr. dre than that

u have a booger in ur right nostril. ur welcome

MAH BABY'S DADDY iS T00 FiNE!!! lolz.


wow! pretty much gorgeous! i had a dream about you dressed in all blue, that exact shade that yu have on in the pic. crazy huh?
(You or the dream...jus aking to make sure I answer the question correctly)

ma nigga lupe! ppl say we look alike n kall u ma brother so i guess i gotta new older brother lol
(For the record, this guy looked NOTHING like Lupe)

Damn I love this pic, you turn me on, I love your style, no to mention your gift. Keep doin it sexy!!!

U look soooo goood!! Can I take u out? I'll pay for
(Why? He's the rapper with lots of money, you might wanna rethink that)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Avenue Magazine

This is an old magazine article, but I just found it and I know that alot of people may not have seen it yet. ENJOY!!!

Pictures should be big enough to read the article, so just click the photo to enlarge it.

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I Might Get Shut Down For This, But Its a Risk Im Willing To Take For You Guys


Official "He Say, She Say" Video

Done by Impakt Studios

Saturday, June 16, 2007


For a long time, i was under the impression that the older you get the more wiser you become. It may just be me, but i've realized that i'm the type of person to be too stubborn in my ways to ever pause and look at things from other people's perspective. I've discovered that you live and learn along the way, and the best teacher happens to be your own mistakes. I feel its misfortunate that the incident happened, however its an even worse predicament that i was willing to upset another person without showing any intent of apologizing. It took a while and a lot of talking to others, to find out that sometimes i cross the line when its unnecessary. And when it boils down to it, i said some things that i should have never even thought of uttering. At the time, i was unwilling to recognize that i affected another person negatively, because i knew very little about them, and for that i was stupid. Even more immature, to upset another and more importantly disrespect an amazing woman. There are plenty reasons why i didnt apologize earlier, it just so happens that 99.9% of those reasons are fairly idiotic. I was a jackass at that moment, well i probably am and always will be. But my truest intent, is to never disrespect another person. Hopefully all of these words compiled together are as clear as i intend them to be, or at least resemble how i feel in some sort. Because it took until 5 AM on a Saturday morning, to gather enough balls to admit i was wrong.

-Laissez Faire

Friday, June 15, 2007

He Say, She Say Video*

*This video has no connection to Lupe Fiasco, Impakt Studios, Atlantic Records, or FNF. ALWAYS READ YOUR FINE PRINT LADIES AND GENTLEMAN...But Good Video Nonetheless. Thanx Turbo!!! MUAH...

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Untamed Beast

Gemini's Debut Album

"Troubles of the World"

Dropping September 2007

Check Out the 1st single

We On feat. Lupe Fiasco & Pooh Bear

Untamed Beast Mixtape

Coming Soon

Keep a close eye on his myspace for more details...

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Wish Gemini

Happy Birthday
on June 20th

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OH and Shout Out to Gracie...This is for you hun...Can't Speak of Gem without thinking of you, Miss Femme Gemasco. HAVE FUN TONIGHT!!! Party like a Rockstar enough for those of us who can't be there with you.

Its Official as Officials, Got the Stripes and the Flags and the Whistles



Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mo' Pictures, Mo' Pictures, Mo' Pictures

Thinker Pose

LMAO, I don't know whats funnier, That Smile or Lu's Face...LMAO

Check the Initials. Goyard ID Bag...Cute.

Lu in the Stu...


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

RIP Stack Bundles

Lupe Fiasco also commented on Stack's death:

R.I.P. Stacks Bundles...

My Homey

My Dear hurt so much to wake up to this...So sad...I've watched from the humble beginnings...when he used to live with me out in Chicago we rocked together everyday...He'd write rhymes in one room and I'd be writing rhymes in the other...He was there with me through many a milestone in my life , the up's and the downs, and I was so proud and happy to see him acheive success in his life at what he loved...Hip-Hop...Stacks was the first person that was signed to 1st&15th way back when it first started FYI...Even beyond that I considered Stacks family...My heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends in this time of sadness...We all lost a Good Friend today...But He wont be forgotten...May God have mercy on his soul, Forgive him for his sins in this Life, and watch over him in the next...

My deepest sympathies go out to all those affected by this tragedy.

Lupe's #1 Hater of the Moment...Byron Crawford

Was Lupe Fiasco a drug dealer?

“I push rocks, dawg.” - Lupe Fiasco, on his 2003 single “Pop Pop”

It’s no secret I’ve had my share of issues with Lupe Fiasco. It all started about a year ago, when Lupe complained to the press about his album having been leaked to the Internets so long before its release date. I merely noted, in a post on this site, that he shouldn’t have complained as much, since that was probably the most publicity he had received up until that point.

A while later, Lupe was invited to post for a week on this site’s mercifully defunct (just like most of the other blogs here, if you think about it) Guest List blog. While he prides himself on hardly ever cursing, or advocating teh ghey violence, in his recordings, he took his first post here as an opportunity to call me a “b*tch ass nigga” and threaten to jump off in my ass. No homo.

I suppose it would be racist of me to suggest that such behavior may have had something to do with him being a Muslim, so I won’t bother.

I will note, though, that if there’s one thing Muslims are known for, other than blowing themselves up, it’s moving that H. Supposedly, quite a bit of the heroin on the streets here in the US is imported from Muslim countries such as Afghanistan. I never would have guessed that Lupe Fiasco himself would be involved in heroin distribution, but apparently he was. Or was he?

The other day, Charles Patton, a longtime associate of Lupe’s and partner in his 1st and 15th Records vanity label, was sentenced to 44 years in prison on drug conspiracy charges. Lupe himself managed to escape prosecution, though it’s been suggested that him and Charles Patton were partners in more than just sh*tty rap records. Nullus?

You’ll recall that when it was announced earlier this year that Patton would stand trial, and that Lupe would testify, it was revealed that 5-0 had Patton on tape making Amtrak reservations for himself and Lupe for March 25, 2003 and then setting up an OT drug deal for, you guessed it, March 25, 2003. Coincidence?

During the course of the trial, it was revealed that there’s another tape in which Fiasco and Patton are heard discussing splitting up “whole yellow” and “whole red” ones. Lupe testified that they were referring to the mixing of music tracks, and that he didn’t have sh*t to do with any drug dealing, except when he used to rap about it.

At any rate, Lupe walked free while his business partner will probably never walk free again. Which begs the question: How in the f*ck can 5-0 have your business partner making Amtrak reservations for the two of you to make a drug deal, plus another tape in which the two of you discuss splitting up yellow packs and red pack, and yet you got off scott free?

There’s an obvious explanation here, but again I’m going to avoid stating it too explicitly; because Lord knows I’ve got my fair share of problems already, and the last thing I need is some crazed Islamic fascist jumping off in my ass - or worse.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I Don't Normally Do This, BUT I Can't Resist

Since I love these guys so much, AND its not so much off topic, they are from ILLINOIS...So that relates to Lupe, and they will be performing at Lollapalooza and so will Lupe...Their style is CRAZY, FRESH, DOPE, and all that there...So its almost unavoidable for me to introduce or reacquaint you with...



This is a Lifestyle.. Dope Beats, Dope Rhymes… A Creative Pallete of Music, Personality, and Neverending Dreams to obtain and be whatever whenever. Were out to bring a feeling back, We make it cool to be a Fan again, Because were Fans first, Artists second. So with that said. Were out to make Dope shit


(1) Read the interview they did with THEBRILLIANCE.COM

(2) Watch the two following YouTube videos , Cool Kids in Canada and Vid of them performing.

(3) Check out their
Send them a message now before they go Hollywood and don't have time to send you one back

(4) Go to their IMEEM>>>>
(MIKEY ROCKS IS THE DOPEST SONG EVER, All of them are actually, so GO LISTEN)

(5) Check the Style!!!!! (Its Crazy & I LUV IT)

And Most Important...

(6) LOVE THEM!!!!

(no homo for the guys...I know how yall get)

And just as extra credit, watch this...JUST BOUGHT A MOPED...LMAO