Saturday, June 9, 2007

Lupe's #1 Fan of the Moment...KayCee


Location: Virginia

(1) When did you first get introduce to Lupe?
The year was 2005, the website was all came across his switch the science on the site and ive been hooked ever since...

(2) what would you steal from him?
what would i steal from Lupe Fiasco??? hmmmm i dont advocate stealing but if i could steal something from him and not go to jail for i would prolly drive off with his Land Rover...I can only imagine how fresh it is!

But i must say i love the whole FNF crew so shout out to Bishop G, Jason, Simon, Shayla G, and Gemini!!!! FNF up!

Chillin with the Platform OGs!!!


Lady Interscope said...

Thats right bitches!!!!!!!!!

MissezSammyMac said...

thats my bitch! lol just kidding... look at what you've done sis...