Friday, July 20, 2007

Lu Groupie Encounter

Found on a Myspace Blog...HERE

Yeah. I met Lupe Fiasco at HipHopSite the other day. I didnt find out until the day before when I got an email from the store and I was off that day so I figure why the hell not. Hes sick too and Im a fan so easy decision on my part. He was scheduled to be there at 5:00pm and I almost didnt want to go because I had to work at midnight that night and I wouldnt have any time to get sleep but I sacrificed. I could get sleep later. The bad part was that I was up since 7am that day, I went to see Lupe, then I went home with about 4 hours until work but I had to do some other stuff so I wasnt able to get a nap so I went to work and was basically up for about 26 hours straight. Nothing more fun then falling asleep while standing. Anyway, Lupe was scheduled to be there at 5pm but when I went there to see Pharrel a few months back he was about an hour late and I just figured that this would be the same case. I was right. I didnt show up until about 5:45pm and he wasnt there yet. There werent too many people when I arrived. All of the people there were able to fit inside the store and the store isnt too big. There were about 60 to 75 people waiting when I got there. I didnt think there would be too many people since he barely got his first solo single out. I waited for about 30 minutes or so before he got there. When he arrived the store employees said that Lupe was in the building and then Lupe just walked in the front door, went behind the counter and started signing stuff and taking pictures.

He was hella cool though. No security guards or anything like that. He took his time writing his autographs and taking pictures with everyone and stuff. His "autograph" is somewhat big too. It was weird though because he was totally humble. It was almost just like asking for the autograph of someone you knew all your life you know. Just totally down to earth. Very appreciative of everyone that showed up. As I was waiting in line I was just watching him and he seemed to be enjoying what he was doing and everyone that was there was happy when they left. He spent at least a minute with each person mainly because of his excessively large "autograph" but he chatted with everyone and there was no sense of trying to rush people out at all.

When I finally got up there I pulled out my rhyme book and the first thing he said to me before I even said anything to him was "what you got, youre rhyme book there." I was like yeah and I need you to bless it for me. I just thought it was cool that he automatically knew that it was a rhyme book. As he was singing my book with his long ass autograph I asked him about Elemnop because he was doing the show with them the night before. It was actually less then 24 hours since he was down in San Francisco to then he was at the store. Thats crazy. Thats grindin yo. He just pretty much said yeah to everything and "thats cool" stuff like that. I asked if I could take a picture and he was like "of course." The dude in front of metook the picture for me. I think his name was John so shout out to John for that. After I took the picture Lupe said thanks and said he appreciated the support then I said no, thank you very much sir and headed out. I dont know why I left though. I was like the 5th last person in line and I wanted to by something from the store too. Its just somewhat standard protocol to just leave when you get someones autograph for some reason. All in all he was just a great person and he one of those people that you want to support because of how he truly appreciates it. His album got pushed back just like Pharrels did whom I also met at the same store. I might be bad luck. Anyway, this was probably the best autograph signing Ive been to. The worst is still Mandy Moore. That bitch. 5 fuckin hours and I couldnt even take a picture with you. Whore!!!

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