Monday, July 9, 2007

Lupe's #1 Fan of the Moment...Meli Mel

Name: Meli Mel

Age: 21
Happy Belated Birthday

Location: Richmond (VCU, Business)

Activities & Interests: Writing, dancing (I've actually choreographed two dances to two different Lupe songs for my dance company, which we performed), blogging

When Did you first fall in love with Lupe's music?

Well let's see, this could take awhile, but this is really how it all started. I heard one of his mix tape tracks awhile back, can't even remember the date. It was actually "Conflict Diamonds". I wasn't die hard then, I just really dug the track and couldn't for the life of me find out who this cat was. He emerged again, well in my world, in "Touch The Sky". The third verse was my fave on the song, I didn't know it was the same guy at the time. All I knew was his name was Lupe Fiasco. Then came, "Kick, Push", which my boyfriend actually put me on to. From there, I snatched up all his mix tapes and fell for his music. He was actually one of the first rappers in a loooooong time to really catch my attention. His lyrics really grab hold of the listener, like you want to learn every verse, every hook. Of course, I added F&L to my very extensive CD collection. I probably listen to that CD everyday, no lie. My friends, boyfriend, everyone can testify. I mean the radio isn't worth listening to these days. His album and mix tapes are just timeless, I just hit repeat and random, and let it play. He's real, I can relate, and he's goofy as hell.

For some reason, I never thought he would make it to VA, but he did. March 7, 2007 with The Roots. Yea I was standing front row with some of my girlfriends. I have to say that was hands down the BEST show that I've ever had that chance to witness. They both put it down. I even got to be one of the very special ladies he serenaded on, "Sunshine". 3rd verse. He looked shocked that I was spitting the lyrics word for word, he was like smirking. But shouldn't all his die hard fans know the words? My friend recorded it with her camera phone, wish I could upload it, but she tried and failed. After Lu's set, he actually stayed around for The Roots show watching like he'd just seen it for the first time. We got to party with Bishop G, and his manager friend, which you probably met. I got a compliment there from him said I was "super fresh", he liked my kicks, and asked me where I got them from. Would've been nicer coming from Lu but I'm content. I got to watch Lu party onstage with The Roots while his friends commentated with us. I was actually suppose to open up (background dancer for an artist) for another concert he was performing in, but that fell through (heartbroken). I still ended up going to the show, but it would've been so much sweeter to actually have opened up. But oh well, after those two shows I'm still going strong, not letting up. Lupe is a genius in my world.

If you could steal one thing from Lupe Fiasco, what would it be and why?

I would definitely steal some time from him. I just want to act up with him, and travel, cause I swear he gets to go to the best places, London, Japan, Paris. That way I'd be up on my fashion game like he is. GQ w/o a question done so effortlessly. Gotta love that!


KayCee G said...

OMG I SOOOOOOOOO REMEMBER YOU I WAS FRONT ROW TOO!!!! I had on like pink and grey hoodie...yo that night was dope man I ended up getting up with Fam-Lay and Shae(they my peoples) and we went backstage after the show and i believe u were referring to the show he was suppose to do at ODU? Well dont worry Lu WILL be doing another show in the 757 and im working on Gemini as we speak so its all good!

Meli Mel said...

Wow....kind of a small world right...757 stand up...def. need another show out here....but the other show I was referring to was the one at James Madison University....but I did also have tickets to the one @ ODU with Busta....when they never got to perform....and then Lupe was supposed to do that free show in the student commons there....but that got cancelled too...yea's cool though...maybe I'll catch you @ the next show in seven-five...

Meli Mel said...

oh thanks for the B-day Wish....appreciated :)

KayCee g said...

yeah that show did get cancelled if i remember correctly his plane was delayed in New York so he wasnt even in VA but yeah man def man you will catch me at his next show here cuz more than likely illbe promoting it lol...and i NEVER miss Lupe in the state of VA no matter where hes at...if hes in this state im there lol