Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dumb It Down- New Song!!!

Lupe's Got A New Song On His Myspace...You know what to do!!!

Make it Rain for the Chicks/ Pour Champagne on a Bitch
HAHAHA...Dumb that Shit Down!!!!
Yo...I love this song!!!!
"The Cool"...Coming Soon...Thats all I have to say...FIN!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

MixMasterMegan Says (Entry 2)

So this one time I played Street Fighter against Lupe on original Nintendo.......I was SOOOOOOOOOOO close to beating him......I mean like ONE more hit........literally....hip hop's best known video gamer and there I am....ONE hit away.

Then I lost.....I haven't been the same since....All confidence....BAM! out the window.

But I promise you, I WILL beat him one day. No probably not actually..but he knows to step his Nintendo game up. You know it's serious when your game is threatened by a suburban white girl.

And Lupe, if you're reading this....which I can only hope.....I really hope I'm on some shoutout for "The Cool".You know I listened to 12 minutes of the outro on "Food and Liquor" last year only to be mixmastermegan?? I answered those phones faithfully for months.......months!! Yammed on people and all!!

Original fan right here.....c'mon now

Love to you and yours,

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gemini Interview

"Rapper Gets Funky at MTV Birthday Show"

Add Gemini's Street Team Page

The Shades are Ridiculous...I LOVE IT!!!!

Also Check out his Myspace and Demand Gemini in YOUR CITY!!!

GZA gives Props to Lupe & Other Chicago Artists

Are you hearing anything today that is taking hip-hop somewhere new?

A. I barely listen to hip-hop, unless it's something I can't really avoid. Hip-hop has taken such a drastic turn, but I'm liking what's coming out of Chicago: Common's stuff, Kanye West... The average street rapper may look at Kanye and go, "He's soft, he's not hood," but he's making good music! He's got good lyrics! I like Lupe [Fiasco], and I think he should be an example for these young dudes, because he has lyrics, can tell a great story and can capture you; he's not on the bull----, he's himself. That's the kind of music I like: When I sit down and write, I'm not afraid to be myself.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Some Pictures

Cute Shirt.
I Want A Claire Huxtable.

HaHaHa...Lupe, Are you giving BET the subtle yet Strong Fuck You??? LOL

FNF Crew Chillin

Look at Bishop wit his Gangsta Ass...

Lupe and Akon

Fiasco Fam Radio

Check out the First TWO shows!!!!

Every Saturday at 6 pm

Be There...Or Be There...
We're giving you no other options.

Another Interview

Interview: Live at Wakestock in Toronto

The interview is cool but Yo... Why was the interviewer Yelling the ENTIRE TIME?
I don't know...Maybe it was just me.

From CRS Website

Lupe + Kanye - Pharell + Atrak

Child Rebel Soldier

Lupe’s new single “Superstardom” ft. Matthew Santos will be debuting this Wednesday at stations in Chicago. Then Thursday it’s off to NYC for Fiasco to do some press and blast off the record in NYC. By the weekend, Labor Day weekend…ever mixer in the country will have the single. So make sure you request like crazy! Now to clarify his touring situation, he’s not going on a concert tour, but rather a radio promo tour, to do interviews at all the local radio stations across the country. There will be some show dates on the weekends, mostly college gigs.
And the online premiere of the single will be on his official website @

Friday, August 24, 2007

Fiasco Fam Radio

Check KayCee and MixMasterMegan out on

This Saturday night at 6 pm EASTERN Time


And if you think you do...

Trust me it will be for the best.

I just MIGHT be getting that "The Cool" Outro Shoutout After all

Click the Link to see the Actual post
The Post Lupe made on Okayplayer About The Blog

And Thanx to Natia for informing me about this because I had NO IDEA!!!

Well I knew that Lupe checked the blog out (Thanx to Sitemeter) but this is the first time to my knowledge that he's "endorsed" it...(for lack of a better word LOL)

And Imma jump on this opportunity and tell everybody who is reading this...
COMMENTS, FEEDBACK, all that stuff you SHOULD be doing anyway, I will forgive you for your lack thereof, but after this post, I WON'T...

But I can now OFFICIALLY announce that

Mr. Lupe Fiasco, the man himself, reads this blog and if you have any groupie encounters, love letters, music of any kind, fan art, underwear, or whatever that YOU, YES YOU, would like to be seen by him...All you have to do is...

Send it to me at:

I repeat...

I do all the hard work. Your part is fairly simple.

YA DIG!!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Backstage at Lollapalooza

CBS Backstage at Lollapalooza

Featuring Lupe Fiasco (of course), Gemini get a few clips, and my other favorites the Cool Kids, and Perez Hilton and more...

To Lupe

Well if this gets to Mr Fiasco, I'd just like to say that critical errors committed by certain individuals failed to detract from your brilliant performance in Sydney yesterday evening.

Many thanks to Gemini and your good self, especially for the first ever live performance of Tilted in Australia.

May you return soon and perform Failure so that we may pass from this life satisfied.

You spat fire like a funeral pyre,

Thank you


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Who Should Be In the White House??

Click the link and watch the Video to see Gemini and Lupe Fiasco's answer to the question. Also Hollywood Holt, if you know him, appears in this video.'/breaking-musicians-have-opinions-291327.php

The Link keeps changing for some Just copy and paste. Thanx to whoever it was that told me it wasn't working

Monday, August 20, 2007

Straight From Lupe's Myspace






Just Because I Love This Guy

And because even Gemini said he was HOT!!!!! Listen to the interview and Turbo is that guy that freestyles...
Turbo- Gigaton Punch

Chicago Magazine Interview

Friday, August 17, 2007

Lupe In Nickelback's 'RockStar' Video

Its a montage of different people singing the song. Lupe is standing on a table or something. And Paul Wall, Nelly Furtado, Kid Rock, Playboy's Girls Next Door, Grant Hill and many others are also in the video. I even recognized some of the Chicago scenes such as the Fountain in Grant Park, The Chicago Theater, and the Millennium Park "Bean." I Miss Chicago...

Lupe Live in Auckland

of Lupe Live in Concert in Auckland, New Zealand

Quotations from the Interview

"The Queen of England has more jewelry than anybody, and she's never rapped a day in her life"

"New York is the whackest place to perform ever"


Interviews from Lupe and Shayla G

Yo! Mark this down, I don't think I've ever posted this much stuff in one week.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Post Lollapalooza Interviews

Click the Link to Watch the Short Video Interview...and notice Lupe is drinking Smartwater...The Best Water EVER!!!!

Short Snippet from where they asked numerous artists "What is Lollapalooza?"

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Straight Laced X Lupe Fiasco's "The Cool"

Straight Laced has been providing New Brunswick, New Jersey with all your clothing needs. Now Straight Laced has collaborated with the popular Lupe Fiasco. For Lupe’s sophomore album “The Cool”, Straight Laced and Lupe have come together to put out this dope tee. Here’s a preview of the front graphic. These will be available on Saturday August 18th. They are limited to 100 and will sure sell out quick.

Straight Laced

42 Easton Ave. Unit 1
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Phone: 732-543-0043

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Double Feat. Lupe Fiasco

An International Collab...

Run Away Love

That Outfit is So Cute

Awwwwwwwwwww... This has to be the cutest outfit ever...I can even look past the bullet hole in the smiley faces head...It reminds me of Picture Day when your parents dress you up so nice and then you get the pictures back and they are Horrible. Cute.

Gemini Interview

Click the Link and find where it says "Listen to the Interview" and press PLAY...

ABC Video Interview

Click the Link to Watch

Happy Early Thanksgiving from Lupe Fiasco

Click the link to read the entire article...I just pulled a few quotes that I thought were most important.

In related news, Fiasco has pushed back the release of his sophomore album, "Lupe Fiasco's The Cool," from Oct. 30 to Nov. 20. Work is continuing on the album with producers from his 1st & 15th camp, including Pro and Soundtrack. Previously, Fiasco had avoided big-name producers ("It's too expensive," he says), but "now we're doing CRS, [so] I can get all the music for free."

"i'm just wearing down," he admits. "i'm never doing mixtapes again, not even internet ones. my whole energy for making hip-hop music is slowing down. i've been doing it for seven years. i still don't think i'm famous. i'll do what i have to do to promote my next album, but i'm not enthused about doing seven albums. i'll do my three, and then i am going to keep moving to the next phase of life and maybe grow trees."

Wet T-Shirt Contest

This is how HOT it was at Lollapalooza, CRAZY INSANE HOT!!!!!!

Video from Lollapalooza: Superstar

Forgive me for being so late with it, Ive been sleeping for the past 5 days

Swagger x Trilly & Truly Fall 07

Monday, August 13, 2007

Again I Say It, I LOVE CHICAGO!!!

So I'm well rested and through with being a lazy bum and have come to you to finally tell you about my trip to Chicago.

Starting off with the plane ride. My first plane ride ever was terrible. I was nauseous the entire ride and accumulated the worst headache that I thought would be the death of me. But other than that, it went smooth. Less than two hours, which actually seemed more like 30 minutes, and I landed at Chicago O'Hare airport.

I was accompanied by a friend and after arriving to O'Hare we began the quest to getting our luggage and making our way to the bus/shuttle area of the hotel. O'Hare is the biggest maze I have ever seen in my life. So we finally make it to the shuttle area and then eventually to our hotel and I am finally able to get some sleep and prepare for Lollapalooza Day 2.

Day 1-Saturday

My first full day in Chicago starts off extremely slow as the trek to Grant Park actually takes my friend and I about 4 hours to get there. But once we get into downtown Chicago we immediately forget because it is so beautiful. The weather was nice, the city is very clean, besides the Lolla crowd theres not alot of people walking the streets. All in all, its great and I fall in love with Chicago and am already dreading having to leave.

So after spending much of my day at Lollapalooza doing some work, I got to see Rhymefest and some of the Roots. And afterwards we head to the House of Blues to try and get into the show somehow because tickets could not be bought because they had to be won from the radio station. We take the cab to HOB and end up waiting outside for a LONG TIME, about 4 hours before someone finally hands us tickets to the show because they did not want to go. The show was great. Cannot complain for one second. I even got to see some of M.I.A's show. She is great, alot of energy and just fun music to dance to. She picked up a new fan that that night. You should check her out.

After the show all of FNF (excluding Lu and Bishop) were standing outside, just chillin. Speaking of just chillin, we saw Questlove walk from the street, right up to the door, BY HIMSELF, he says hello to us, and walks into HOB just like its nothing. It was crazy but he also just walked out of HOB and chilled outside for a second before getting in a cab and leaving.

Shoutout to the Security Guard who befriended us and tried to help our struggle of getting tickets. The only sane guard at HOB. And the Hotel Sax doorman who charged me $5 to check my bag because I couldn't take it inside. And the dumbass security guard who checked my I.D. like 20 times because he didn't want to believe I was actually 21. And the rest of the Guards at HOB who take their jobs to seriously and think that yelling at a female for no reason is acceptable. OH YEAH and Shoutout to Tiny and Keith for all their help and hospitality.

Day 2- Sunday

This day was the Lupe show at Lollapalooza. It started at 2:15 and when my friend and I finally made our way to the stage, the Pearl Jam fans were in full effect. They were not letting anybody get by them AT ALL. But in my head Im thinking this WILL NOT be a repeat of Artscape, so we bodied our way as close as we could to the front of the stage.

And as a side note, as we were making our way to the front, we take a break to plot the rest of our route to the front, and just mention loudly that we are just trying to see Lupe and we would be leaving right after. And then a white lady beside us says "Yes Im here to see Lupe Fiasco as well, I want to move more to the front but this is as far as I could get." And then she proceeds to tell us that she was one of Lupe's former teachers and that she was proud of how successful he has become. And we tell her to follow us if she wants to get closer but she just decided to stay where she was. How weird is that? But LSS, we get as close as we can, but we have a perfect view of the stage because the people in front of us are all sitting down trying to conserve their energy for Pearl Jam in the MILLION DEGREE HEAT. So the show was good. I actually liked the HOB show better. But this one was cool as well.

The heat was crazy, like Lupe had on a white v-neck tee and about midway through the show, the shirt was see through and he could have been entered into a wet t-shirt contest. Like he could have wrung his shirt out and filled a bucket. IT WAS CRAZY!!!! I seriously couldn't breathe, immediately after the show, my friend and I EACH bought two SmartWaters (which by the way, is the best tasting water EVER) and a Half & Half Tea/Lemonade Drink.

And after we regained composure, we just went out and enjoyed the City of Chicago. We ate at Bennigans and went to Loews movie theatre and saw I now Pronounce you Chuck & Larry. That movie was Hilarious. And really just walked around Chicago just taking in the city and enjoying each moment of being there. Chicago is officially my favorite city ever.

Pictures- Random Food & Liquor Store, The House of Blues, Behind the House of Blues near State Street, and the Chicago Theatre.

Now I could probably write a million more paragraphs telling you about the rest of my chicago trip but this is the LUPE FIASCO SHOW, and as far as Lupe goes those are my encounters with him. I do have a few more shoutouts to give though...

KayCee- It was good seeing you again. The next time you've promised us that you will not be so lame when it came down to just hanging out when Lupe is not involved. LOL...Imma hold you to that promise. Keep It Gangsta in the mean time...LOL

Also Shoutout to the crackhead who I had to run from because she was heading our way to beg us for some change, the man on the street with a baby in a stroller asking people to give him money for food for his baby at 12:00 MIDNIGHT, the guys that made our trip to Chicago very worthwhile, the man on the return flight who almost got cussed out for leaning his seat back on my head MORE THAN ONCE and then REFUSING to let it up but then rethought it after he saw the look on my face, everybody who invited us to come back out to Chicago so they could give us a "real" tour of the city, and just shoutout to the city of Chicago...I WILL BE BACK!!!!!


Friday, August 10, 2007

I'm Sorry

I just wanna apologize because I am being a lazy bum right now and haven't updated. And I want to apologize once more because I will continue being a lazy bum probably until Sunday because Im SO TIRED and I have SO MUCH TO DO RIGHT NOW!!!! But I promise my return will be Grandeous, Marvelous, Magnificent, and Of Course FRESH AND DOPE AS HELL!!!!

So just enjoy this picture Brandiva did (THANX) until I make my COMEBACK!!!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

I Love Chicago

Yo! I just wanted to give yall a quick update, Im still in Chicago and wont be able to really give you the full details of my trip until I get back home...

House of Blues was Great, Lollapalooza was hot as hell, NO WAIT...HOTTER THAN HELL...but the show was cool...Pearl Jam fans won't trying to let Lupe fans make it to the front AT ALL...

Chicago is a great city, I LOVE IT...Very Clean and Not as Congested and Crowded as I expected...Im So Not Ready to Leave AT ALL!!!!

I gotta go now, getting ready to go out now...I'LL BE BACK WITH MUCH MORE!!!

P.S..If you didn't check out the live broadcast, you can probably find the New Lupe Songs online somewhere, although I wont be posting them here. If you really want them, send me an email, and I'll send the links...COURTESY OF DJ ZAP...THANX BUNCHES!!!

Major Announcement

I don't have time to explain much as I am waiting to catch the train to Grant Park for Lollapalooza today...


I bodied my way into the House Of Blues Show last night, and heard TWO (yes TWO) NEW SONGS FROM "THE COOL"

Friday, August 3, 2007

New Gemini Interview

On my way to Chicago...

But heres an interview Gemini did on He's put on the spot and asked to sing, and I promise his voice sounds like money...which is my way of saying its AMAZING!! is actually a great website. Check it out if you've ever wanted to have your own radio show...This would be a great start.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Walk in My Shoes feat. Lupe Fiasco

Remember when I told yall to check out Emily King...Well it was for good reason because she has a beautiful voice which sounds great live I must add...

But More importantly, she has a song featuring Mr. Lupe Fiasco entitled "Walk in my Shoes."

And speaking of Walking in somebody shoes, for all yall that WILL NOT be making it to Lollapalooza this year...You can GUARANTEE Imma give you the full Blow by Blow
(that was just for you OFF THE TUBE LMAO)

CAUSE IM DEFINITELY GONNA BE THERE...Thanx 2 Urban Groove, My Partner-in-crime Corona, Keena, and My Mama for really making all of this possible in more ways than one.

Also Lollapalooza will be broadcasted via LIVE WEBCAST each day starting at 12:30 pm

And now a special message from our sponsor...
"And for Mr. Fiasco…Chicago peeps, you’re not gonna wanna miss his performance this Sunday at Lollapolloza. Let’s just say, he’s gonna be debuting a new track for the 1st time ever, that will make you lose your damn mind, aight? FNF UPppers!!! -THE COOL coming soon, mang!"

Two fingers like a playa...Wipe Me Down!!!!!
(ok that was lame LOL)


P.S. MixMasterMegan??? Where ya at??? Keena said we was partying...I'm Ready, Are You? Better yet, is the world ready? Two Megans at once might be lethal...

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

New Lupe Pics

Im too lazy and too busy right at this moment to post the pictures themselves BUT...
I will post the link to Lupe's Myspace...View More Pics

Dr. Romanelli is Dope as hell...And thats all I have to say about that...

This next line was taken from some forum. I thought it was cute...
"Look for an ill collab with featured Handsome Boy Modeling School graduate LUPE FIASCO and the mad DR this Fall."

HAHAHA...Handsome Boy Modeling School...HAHAHA...thats so CUTE!!!