Saturday, December 22, 2007

Double Dose of Cool

In a downtown photo studio, Lupe Fiasco thumbs through a rack of jackets, letting out an appreciative "Hi-yoooo!" as he notices a patchwork piece in orange military nylon and black leather, and then another constructed from vintage green army coats and duffel bags, handles dangling from its sleeves. They're all the creations of Darren Romanelli, the L.A. designer and branding guru who creates clothing under the Dr. Romanelli label.The most spectacular jacket on the rack combines elements of a red-and-white marching band uniform: metal buttons across the chest, decorative braid, embroidery down the sleeves, with supple brown leather and a bomber-style collar and cuffs. Spectacular, yes, but Fiasco wore it in the video for "Superstar," the first single off his new album, "The Cool."

And Lupe Fiasco never wears the same thing twice.

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LJ-Sean Smith-[the future blogger] said...

I want that damn jacket he had in the Superstar video...I guess everyone want's it...:-)