Thursday, December 20, 2007

Exhibit C

Fuck It!! Add More Femmes...
The Beautifully Titled Campaign...(The Cursing Gets the Point Across)

Here is where I stand with the whole thing. I understand that some people may not want anybody who was not there from the beginning to be repping something that they really have not put in any work for. Or they don't want the Femmes to become infiltrated with groupies and crazies. Or they basically don't want someone to be stealing "our" shine. Ok all that is understandable. But heres my thing...


Its Not That Serious Anyway...It is...But Its Not...I don't like to take it too seriously...But People like Brandi, Melissa, Courtney, and whoever else have been showing love for a minute now should be able to be apart of it. Nobody is gonna take our shine. We all know who started the Femmes, who puts in work, and all that. At this point, its bigger than that. Its about much more. We'll never be able to progress and "Do Big Things" if we can't get over this small hump. I mean Lupe knows who we are, maybe not each and every one individually, but collectively, yes. If he already knows you individually adding more Femmes won't affect you because he already knows you, and if he doesn't, it won't affect you either, because he don't know you. Its a win-win situation for everyone.

My Newest Campaign

But its not my decision because I do not handle the Femme Fiasco stuff, I just do the blog. But If there ever is a vote, My Vote goes for Yay...Add More Femmes. Because more people can only help us, even if they are groupies or crazies. Shit...most of the Femmes get called groupies, stans, and whatever anyway...SO WHATS THE DIFFERENCE??? I mean would this even be a big deal if Lupe did not give us the shoutout? I don't think so because now everybody wants to be apart of it, but can you blame the people who genuinely did not know about us pre-shoutout? No. Where is the love???...

BTW, like I said Brandi if you read this, whether you are added to the Femmes or not, I still want you to be apart of everything because you were there just as long as some of the others, and you actually do something, more than some of the others. So like I told you, you're officially the Blog's Design Diva cause you do major work without even being asked.

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