Thursday, December 20, 2007

Exhibit D

Tuesday, May 6, 2008
My How Things Have Changed

I was re-reading this post I made and its funny how everything I said basically didn't happen. LOL. Like I said I was gonna get my swag back, but I never did. I didn't really realize it then, but I do know. After the shoutout, I was done. Like my attitude toward the blog is NOTHING like it was when it first started. NOTHING compared to how it was even back in December right before the album dropped.

Like I think back, and it really did feel like it was a job. Like it wasn't fun anymore. It became moreso something that I felt like I HAD TO DO and not something I just wanted to do. I guess thats why even now, I don't do too much with the blog. I haven't looked up anything on Lupe Fiasco in about 2 months, when 2 months ago, it was Daily Routine.

And I can't say that I miss it, because I don't. LOL. Not one bit. Because I HATE having to do something especially in this case when it got to the point where I really no longer enjoyed doing it. It wasn't Entertainment anymore, it was a job. And the whole thing I said about the shoutout being the "peak," or the "best its gonna get." Like really. I still think and will forever think that. It was my "skyscraper."

So what the fuck do you do now that you have the skyscraper???...

Riddle me that...Cause all I can picture myself doing is lounging on the rooftop, drinking a margarita, sitting

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