Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Exhibit B

Wednesday, December 19, 2007
I Feel The Pressure

Lupe Fiasco is taking over MY LIFE!!!

With that statement said, Don't get me wrong. I am a Fan of Lupe Fiasco. I decided to create a blog showcasing the things I find most interesting concerning all things concerning him. And I am so grateful for the Enormous boost that he has given my site from the shoutout he gave it on his album. I Love It All...But...

I feel the pressure to basically just keep it up. Like its not hard at all. I've developed a system where I know exactly where to go to find what I need. And since the shoutout, alot of people do the work for me by sending me links and things that they have come across. But just the pressure to uphold the greatness of the site. Like I feel Lupe giving the ShoutOut was the ultimate. Like it doesn't get any better. It definitely could get better but in my mind, that was it. The was the grandiose moment, the culmination of what I had started the blog for- to get the attention of Mr. Lupe Fiasco. And now that I have his attention, as well as the attention of about quadruple the blog readers pre-shoutout, I don't know where to go from there. Everyone has big ideas for the blog and all the groups associated with it. But Im still feeling like I don't know whats going on. Like alot (well not really) is going on thats crazy to me.

Like when I said I feel that Lupe Fiasco is taking over my life, I mean that there is not one day that I can go through without him. And its in a difference sense now, like when before I was doing the blog ultimately for me. But now its like Im doing it for everybody else. For Lupe, for the Femmes, for everybody else who reads. And like that reason is why I moreso didn't want anybody to know I do the blog. Well nobody in my personal life, as opposed to my internet life. Thats why I don't have Lupe Fiasco posted all over my myspace or Facebook, why I don't rep Femme Fiascos as hard as the others, why Im not really bragging about the shoutout. I get tired of talking about Lupe Fiasco, day in and day out, blah blah blah. Im a Fan, but Im more of a Jay-ish Fan, laid back and cool, as opposed to a Diddy-ish fan, flashy and in your face.

The blog has almost become my job. Not in a bad way, but in a way where I feel like I can't really fuck up anymore. I couldn't not "go to work" for days or just quit altogether now. Like I could but I just couldn't. And I won't. I just have to get back in the mind state of when I first started the blog. That this blog is for me. It is about Lupe Fiasco but its my take on Lupe Fiasco. Its how I feel. Its my blog. I gotta bring the funness (new word) back into it whether my new readers like it or not.

I feel like I lost my swag. But it shall return...'08 WILL be a great year.

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