Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Last Temptation of Lupe Fiasco

The rising rapper may warn againt Benjamins and bling, but he still wants to find Toronto's Louis Vuitton boutique

Lupe apparently had an epiphany about the uselessness of bling before Food and Liquor was released, but for the practising Muslim, temptation remains both a part of life and an idee fixe that runs through much of his work. Compounding his own difficulty is what he describes as the "intertwining" between his image and himself -- no surprise, considering his own mother calls him by his stage name. "Lupe Fiasco is a business in certain aspects," admits the MC. "He's a brand name; he's owned; he's trademarked. Business forces which shouldn't affect you personally affect you -- you take them as personal insults."

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