Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Your Chance to Meet Lupe Fiasco

1/17 Los Angeles
Midnight Records
2867 S. Robertson Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90034
310 839-9455

1/18 Las Vegas
Zia Records
4580 W Sahara Avenue
Las Vegas NV 89102
702 364-2500

1/20 Denver
Independent Records
937 E Colfax Avenue
Denver CO 80218
303 863-8668

1/22 Austin
Waterloo Records
600-A N Lamar Blvd
Austin TX 78703
512 474-2500

1/23 Dallas
Xperience Music (formerly Eargazum)
13332 Preston Road 2192
Dallas TX 75240
972 980-9576

1/27 Baltimore
Sound Garden @ 5pm
1616 Thames Street
Baltimore MD 21231
410 563-9011

1/28 Norfolk @ 5pm
Navy Exchange
1421 Diamond Springs Road
Virginia Beach VA 23455
757 460-1060

2/01 Richmond VA @ 5pm
BK Music
7106 Midlothian Tpk
Richmond VA 23225
804 276-7789

2/02 NY NY @ 12:30pm
J&R Music
23 Park Row
NY NY 10038
212 238-9000


Anonymous said...

I might go get my cd signed when he comes to NY

Anonymous said...

New Zealand??? :(

Anonymous said...

y isnt Lu coming to the Chi?? thats his home town, show us some love lu. Where we that bad an audience at h.o.b??

Kadeejia said... it kinda sucks that I have to sacrifice the signing to make sure I get a good spot at the concert..but I gotta do what I gotta do lol..

Hypelikkle1 said...

YEAH!!!! he's going to be in NYC! but I'm also going to the concert??? and I want good seats at that concert!? omg, what I'm gonna do??? I'm gonna have to go to that signing extra early then....idk, i'm confused :x

shAdyATL said...

I'm infuriated that he's not doing a meet and greet down here...oh well, front row trumps everything else...

Anonymous said...

COME TO TORONTO!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

Anonymous said...

Greetings, aye Lu are you going to show up at the youth's saviors day in the Chi this February? That would be the biz if u can. Peace be on to you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lupe,
I dunno if you check your comments on the blog but I just want to give you a tip:
Check out Swedish hip hop. It's really cool. I've heard the song you did with fort minor, but this is another rap group called snook. This is a video called "Snook, svett och tårar", which means "Snook, sweat and tears"
This is the link:

Anonymous said...

I caught the SF show at the Fillmore last Sunday -- it was so dope I had to take Monday off! He rocked it for over 3 hours and the Bay LOVED every second of it!!! I liked the "remember when" lead-ins ... and "Little Weapon" is just CRAZY live. The whole show was top-notch, though. I'd absolutely see him again.

Jimm said...

Yo Lupe see you next week..check out my blog

Anonymous said...

When are you coming back to the midwest?? And maybe just a tad north of that.... Milwaukee?? =)

3rd coast said...


Anonymous said...

LMAO! these comments are hilarious neways...i think ima come out to the Richmond signing...

Sugar In the Raw said...

I agree with kadeejia, y do I have 2 decide between the signing and having a good spot at the concert? I plan on having my cake and eatin it 2!! I'm 2 short to be in the middle OR back!!

aSDthing said...

Just came back from Zia Records. hope you come rock out here at vegas again soon!

E-Rich said...

Yeah, in Baltimore, he's not gonna be at the Sound Garden, he's gonna be at the Sonar cuz I got my tickets before Christmas. Way before Christmas.

MUAH!!! said...

Sound Garden is the place for the meet and greet, to get your CD signed and such. TO MEET LUPE FIASCO, in addition to going to the show.

Ms. GEMi-Ni said...

Lupe when are you coming back to Charlotte, North Carolina!? Would love to see you in concert. Def loving the new album. I cannot stop listening to it! When Food & Liquor came out, I gave you album of the year! You have done it again, The Cool gets album of the year as well. Can't wait to hear the 3rd and last, LUPEND. Take Care.