Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Article on the Show in Baltimore

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Not only is Lupe Fiasco one of the most intelligent, engaging artists in hip hop today, he has a captivating and boyish charisma about him. This couldn't have been any more apparent than when he stopped mid-song, asked for the house lights to be turned on, pointed to a guy in the audience and proclaimed, "I caught you yawning!" To ensure that his audience was being "thoroughly entertained," he dug deep into his songbook and dedicated an impromptu minute of "Switch" to his sleepy fan before getting back into "Hurt Me Soul."

(Side Note: I wish I would have gotten the yawning fan, Switch Moment on camera...It was ridiculous. When the beat dropped, I thought I was gonna DIE...Everyone INSTANTLY starting jumping up and down and getting Crunk. I felt like I was at a Lil Jon Concert or something, It was Crazy)


K. Denise said...

Annnddd you should so love'm sure you woulda found it eventually anyway..but here's the video of that..

I posted it on my blog too but I'm NOT gonna take this fine opportunity to plug myself... lol

Anonymous said...

good find, That videois hot

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