Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Washington Post Article

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While Kanye West waves his ego like a flag, his protege, Fiasco, won't engage -- even if he's the superior rapper. In fact, in "Superstar," Fiasco's current arena-rap semi-hit, he noted: "Wanna believe my own hype, but it's too untrue."

Instead of self-aggrandizing statements, he proffered jokes, riffing, for instance, about the intelligence deficit in modern mainstream hip-hop -- which led to a ridiculous ring-tone-style rap about fancy wheels and designer shoes whose lyrics were: "Rims and Tims/Rims and Tims/Rims and Tims," etc.

It was his introduction to "Dumb It Down," something Fiasco most certainly does not do in his music.

One just wishes he'd been a little smarter about the conceptualization and execution of his live show.


Anonymous said...

I thought lupe was suppose to have the best shows out there. This dont sound promising. can someone explain to me?

Anonymous said...

forget whoever wrote that dumbass article. LUPE'S SHOWS ARE THE BEST! i even went to the pack concert and was like " damn i wish this lupe was a lupe concert ".

K. Denise said...

Umm..yeah Lupes shows are thee shit...well I mean at least the one I went to was. I put it above the Kanye concert I went to...then again I was like back against the wall at that one and front row at Lupe's...

KC said...

Well I half-agree with the reviewer's comment that the conceptualization and execution weren't perfect. But I don't get why he focuses on the length of the show - hell, why wouldn't I want two hours of Lupe?!

Don't listen to the reviewer's comments about Lupe's vocals getting lost in the mix or whatever - the sound was perfect at the Baltimore show!

All I will say is that Lupe's show could have kicked off with more momentum cuz I mean, "Touch the Sky" and the Gorillaz song are tracks he's featured on. Also some of the interludes dragged a little (just a little!).

The show was too neatly divided into two halves, one consisting of F&L tracks and the other of stuff from The Cool - he coulda mixed it up. Plus he never did "Go Go Gadget Flow", which I wanted to hear!

Overall though, it's a great show with an AMAZING live band!

Ms. Wright (Hunnie) said...

Well the article/writer said at the end "One just wishes..." so that's just ONE's opinion. This is probably someone that came to ONE half a show and they probably just watch the opening act and left. LOL! I wouldn't be surprised.

I have no complaints!