Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lupe Featured in Metro Music Section

Opened up the metro newspaper today only to notice lupe in full size, featured in the music column!.
Metro is a free daily commuter newspaper which is read by practically everyone in London lol
Plus Lupe plays live at Camden Koko, London tonight
good luck with that.


L3xxi5353 said...

omg that is amazing....i HAVE to have that newspaper lmao

SW2 said...

Just got back from the Koko gig. What a concert! Dude has e-n-e-rg-y! There was a bit of favouritism with one side of the stage (the opposite one to me - sod's law); all the shoes, drumsticks, shirts that were being chucked into the crowd went to that one side.

But I'm not bitter ..... well..... wouldn't have minded a sticker or something....

Great show though, especially enjoyed the 'the coolest' accapella!

Ghett0 said...

Also just got back from the show

totally agree with SW2

check for the full update of pics and vids 2moro, cos im awfully tired, was queuing from 5pm and lupe didnt come on until 10

Anonymous said...

Yes, the gig was great. I didn't get nothing either, kind of shit I feel.

The paper is read in more places than just London, pretty much all trains in the UK during the morning rush hour, after that most of the papers are gone.
Had I known sooner would've tried grabbing one on the train today.

yerw said...

That gig was the shit although i probably would've liked to hear some mixtape tracks. Still it was amazin right?